How it started

In the late 70's Ståle Sødal played in Uncle John's Band. At one gig for 'Rock'n Roll Society of Scandinavia (at Busy Butler in Oslo, Norway), Steinar Raaen joined as guest singer.

Here is from rehearsal with Uncle John's Band. Steinar in front and Ståle on keyboard. From the gig at Busy Butler. Year was 1976.
Ståle and Steinar decided to start a genuine rock'n roll band and teamed up with guitar player Thor Schjong. This was 1978.
Several drummers and bass players were tried (amongst them drummer Trond Lybæk) until final setup:

Harald Dalseth - drums
Odd Nergaard - bass
Steinar Raaen - vocal, guitar
Thor Schjong - guitar, vocal
Ståle Sødal - piano, sax, vocal

The band played in rock clubs in the Oslo area and gathered a whole lot of fans. Within a year after starting up they were offered a part in the successful movie '1958' - a film about youngsters in Oslo. Steinar had one of the main parts while the band performed on stage in a film sequenze.
To be continued....

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